We are Hero & Outlaw.
You are already familiar with our work.
You just don't know it.

We have been behind multiple elections in the Czech Republic as well as many large commercial campaigns. We know how to handle a highly dynamic environment, fierce competition and the changing nature of products.

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We succeeded in winning over
30 % of the market.
The market bought our work.
And our product was not Coca-Cola™.

We build your position from the ground. We show you the rules of the game as you have never seen it before. Positioning, branding, message, and, of course, execution.*

We can pride ourselves with multiple successful stories in the private sector.

* with a little help from our friends from McCann

We have worked for 5 out of the Forbes TOP 10 Czech business leaders.
And for 3 out of the TOP 10 Czech companies.

We have mastered FMCG, beauty, energy, public, private equity, transportation, real estate, healthcare and finance.


Strategic communication
at the highest level.

Market positioning. Problem solving.

We use various tools for our work: hard data, advanced analytics, PR and PA, campaigns and events, visionary stories, and creative marketing.

We also help you grow your networks by providing our own.

Who We Are

Marek Hanč


Founder. A communications expert active in the PR and advertisement business for the last 10 years. His track record includes several of the biggest names in politics, business and Czech startup companies. Nowadays, Marek is also engaged in NGO project focusing on children with serious diagnoses.


Ivo Půr


Managing Director. An experienced PR professional with a history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Ivo combines a knowledge of and experience with the corporate, agency and public service environments. He is a skipper with more than 14 000 NM in his log-book.


Zuzana Hanibalová


Account Manager. Zuzana focuses on marketing communication and event management, drawing on the rich and diverse experience she gained before joining Hero & Outlaw. Her professional track record includes both corporate and startup projects in the financial, healthcare and cultural industries.


Lucie Grošaftová


Project Manager. Lucie is working in PR and Communication for the last 10 years. Her focus was in sporting goods industry mainly as she was responsible for Nike. First in Czech and Slovakia and then last 5 years for CEE countries. She is also skilled in Brand Management and Digital and Social Marketing.



Hero & Outlaw a.s.

Registered seat:

Máchova 21, 120 00 Praha 2


Karla Engliše 6, 150 00 Praha 5


+ 420 725 785 750




Reg. no.: 07118724

Registered with Prague  Municipal Court, dept. B, insert 23448