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Foundations & Philanthropy, Litigation,
Regulation, Investigation.
And anything else.

We are
& Outlaw.

We have established our agency to be the best on the Czech market. Our name comes from a book that you should read.
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If you prefer to listen rather than reading, feel free to enjoy the interview with Marek Hanč, our founder in the most influential Czech podcast Insider.

A hero chooses their own destiny and avoids being drawn into the decision-making of others. An outlaw breaks the rules – they set their own rules. We always speak clearly. No ambiguities, no reading between the lines. Everything is as clear as being hit with a hammer in the head.
YES or NO.

We don’t compete with others, wasting our top people’s time on clients who don’t know what or who they want. We pick our clients carefully and then execute things that no one else in the country can, such as delivering a message to 9 million people in the Czech Republic in a single day.

Country. Population.
Unparalleled reach.
Relationships. Tycoons.
Health care. Beauty.
And anything else.

Country. Population.
Unparalleled reach.
Relationships. Tycoons.
Health care. Beauty.
And anything else.

Health care.
And anything

ČAP Case study



In your

In your

ČAP case study



Pro bono projects

Helping hospitals

Having affected our entire society, the pandemic has generated a tremendous amount of solidarity, especially with front line health care workers. We have used our experience in managing large scale projects to connect companies and hospitals and organise one of the most successful fundraisers to help medical professionals.

The project was initiated by the Motol University Hospital and we implemented it together with McCann.

In the first phase, from 1 April 2020 to 31 July 2020, we managed to raise CZK 931,511.

The second phase, which started on 15 October 2020, brought home CZK 3,005,128.

ZS Alsa

The Prague City Swim and its media coverage was a great opportunity to participate in this unique sporting event, and, most importantly, to draw attention to the insidious nature of ALS and help patients and their families.


interview with Dr. Jana Milerová in TV Prima’s Duel on 2 September

Print: 898,097 readers

interview with Vladimir Mikulas, a patient, in the MF Dnes magazine; invitation to the event in Deník Sport; invitation to the event in the Moje Psychologie magazine…

Online: 2,939,330 real users

interview with Alena Slobodnikova, a patient, in Onadnes.cz; Blesk pro ženy; iPrima.cz; Expres.cz; CityBee; Protisedi…

Social: 36,481 followers

Sports websites, clubs and athletes...

Centrum provázení

(end of life care center)

There are times in everyone's life when we need an experienced guide, especially when we receive a disheartening diagnosis.

We are happy to have been able to inform the general public and potential clients about the work of the Sirius Foundation, which provides end of life support and care, on DVTV and in the Respekt magazine.

Business Leaders Forum

Since 1992, the Business Leaders Forum has been supporting companies in setting up their CSR and sustainability commitments.

We have been long-term supporters of the organisation, helping it promote its Leadership & CSR conference and the Successful Leader survey, and generally making its representatives and vision more present in Czech media.

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